Starting in our K2 program, our students at ICS are exposed to the vast and exciting world of art.  The art courses are designed to show God as the artful, ultimate Creator that He is. Students are taught about His works and encouraged to reflect on His wonderful creations, and thus be inspired to be creative and inspired.

K2-K4 classes complete an art project in their classrooms a few times a week.

Starting in K5, our students go to art class once a week. Our art teacher, Mrs. Helene Allen, has been teaching art for over 50 years and is a very known artist in our area. She teaches our students various, creative, and challenging projects that deal with line, shape, form, texture, value, and color. They learn all about art starting at a young age. In the art program, students also learn how art is relevant in their lives, how they can honor God through their creativity and how art can be used in other areas of their academic lives.